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All artistic events have a background, specially, It is remarcable the philosophical and linguistic grounds for the notion of assertion which is in general terms the expression of cognitive and emotional Intentions. Feelings are the most difficult linguistic features to express in any language.

As Green (2006) indicates in one of the most recent works, “the notion of assertion”, Frege considered a notion of assertion as a proposition to be an abstract object, the existence of which does not depend on any mind grasping it, nor any sentence expressing it.

By contrast, a sentence expresses a proposition of what is indicative and meaninful. Unlike propositions, sentences exist only as part of a convencional linguistic system and so, in a clear sense depends on human activities. Nevertheless, one can use a sentence expressing a proposition without making an assertion.

In fact, there are three distinct items:

  • An indicative sentence.
  • A proposition expressed by that sentence.
  • The use of that sentence and proposition to make an assertion.

An assertion is a speech act. Just as one can make a promise by saying: “I promise to do so, and so too”.

One can assert “p” With such words as “I hereby assert that ” P”.

Similarly, just as a promise can only be made if certain conditions have been met (you cannot promise something what is obviously out of your control.) so , an assertion can only be made under certain conditions. For Instance, it is doubtful that you can assert what is obvious to both you and your audience to be false. To assert a proposition is at the very least to put it forth as true.

Searl (1969) tried to capture this dimension by building an assertion of proportion “p” as an undertaking to defend that “p” is a necessary, but it is not  a sufficient condition. He claimed that an assertion had word to word direction to fit. According to this conception, inherent in the practice of asserting is the norm that the speaker’s words are supposed to track how things are. This feature distinguishes assertions by saying commandments, the aim which is not to track the world, but rather to get the world, in particular, one of more of its inhabitants to conform to what the command joins. Commands are thus commonly said to direct world to world to fit instructions.

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“Isolating assertion from propositions and indicative sentences is only the first step”.

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